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Doing what I should do rather than what I want to do!

January 3, 2014

For much of my adult life, I’ve pursued doing what I want to do and ignoring what I need to do. In reflection, I’ve¬†often neglected what I should do.

I’ve heard that “sacrifice is giving up something important for something more important”, but that’s not how I’ve lived. Even in pursuing my “bliss” or “what I love”, I now realize there are tasks that are not fun, not enjoyable, but “should” or need to be done to achieve the higher calling of “bliss” or “happiness” or “contentment” or just “fun”.

Success, I’m aware, is not effortless, although endless plodding is not acceptable if the end, the goal, is ever receding in front of me. I find myself more willing to do things I don’t like if what I do like seems probable.

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Gary Eyring

Executive Coach and President

The Open Organization

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