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Can I Make a Difference? Insights from The Open Organization

October 1, 2014

The collective consciousness of America appears turbulent and anxious. The fears don’t seem to be abating:

  • The threat of war and terrorism
  • Financial Markets are tumbling
  • World Economies are sputtering
  • Real Estate is fragile
  • Health Care, Energy and Food costs are increasing
  • Job Losses and insecurity are mounting
  • The need for more performance with less resources are rising

With all these fears and anxieties, how can I cope? What can I do to make a difference?

First of all, denying my fears doesn’t help. In my bravado, I may not admit my anxiety. I may only look at the positive possibilities. Yet, my fears lurk just below the surface, and the tension in my body tells me that I’m “fluffing” up, pretending that it will all go away. While it may be true that “problems” are temporary, they are also real and not to be ignored or denied. In fact, my denial insures that my fears will continue. My authentic self knows the truth of my anxieties, and only by facing my fears will I create the possibility of moving beyond them.

Secondly, after I face my fears, what then? My ego stands in the way of new truths, new possibilities. My ego is a “point of view that defends itself from other points of view”. As I allow the “truth” of others to be expressed, I create new paths, new possibilities, that before were unavailable because of my resistance, my defending my position or point of view.

Finally, if I want to make a difference, I need to start with myself. I can change my attitude, my beliefs, my behaviors. I can only control myself.

However, even as I follow a new path of my convictions, my fears of the unknown will re-assert themselves, and I will need to apply, again and again, skills such as “letting go”, “being present”, “non-defensiveness”, and “active listening” . I will need the support of like-minded people and a strong discipline to overcome the habitual thinking that sustains my fear.

A simple but profound model of human behavior and self awareness, together with the 12 skills of effective relationships are demonstrated in The Open Organization’s “Leadership from the Inside Out”.

Whether an alumnae, or someone new to these skills, attending our May 29th and 30th workshop will elevate you in your professional and personal life.


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Gary Eyring

Executive Coach and President

The Open Organization

The Open Organization is a Seattle-based Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Team-Building consulting company providing customized services for executives, management teams, board members, human resource professionals, and other business people seeking to positive organizational change through interpersonal and leadership skills development.

Chill Out!

December 2, 2013

The possibilities for 2014. Less greed, more openness, civility, caring.  Before, I wondered if the rich thought the poor were lazy, and the poor thought the rich were greedy. Now, most of us struggle.  For the first time, I joined a social network on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable development. Perhaps this is the chance to come together rather than coming apart. A friend called on New Year’s day and was measuring his life: Net worth in half,  income down, friends few (as a result of a divoce), family not close AND VERY Happy (he is with someone who is right for him).  Mmmmm! So what is important??