Reflections for the Week of 02/17/2014

Check Your Story, Change Your Life

A lady’s return flight was delayed, so she bought a book, coffee and a small packet of five cookies. The airport was crowded and she found a seat in the lounge, next to a stranger.


After a few minutes’ reading she became absorbed in her book. She took a cookie from the packet and began to drink her coffee. To her great surprise, the stranger in the next seat calmly took one of the cookies and ate it.

Stunned, she couldn’t bring herself to say anything, nor even to look at the stranger. Nervously, she continued reading. After a few minutes she slowly picked up and ate the third cookie. Incredibly, the stranger took the fourth cookie and ate it, then to the woman’s amazement; he picked up the packet and offered her the last cookie.

This being too much to tolerate, the lady angrily picked up her belongings, gave the stranger an indignant scowl and marched off to the boarding gate, where her flight was now ready.


Flustered and enraged, she reached inside her bag for her boarding ticket, and found her unopened packet of cookies.

 Lessons from The 12 Principles of Openness:

#6: Check my Story – “Truth” is somewhere between my truth and the other person’s. Before taking action, I verify that my perceptions are accurate.

#9: No blaming or shaming – work to understand. Harshness is the enemy of awareness.  What is my part? I cannot change you and your part; I can change only myself.

 Tell us your story!

  • Have you ever done anything like this?
  • Were you the one who silently shared your cookies?
  • What happened?
  • What did you tell yourself?
  • How did you feel about it, and how did you feel about it when you found out the truth?

I remember once eating someone else’s lunch at work because we always brought the same kind of frozen lunches, and I forgot that I didn’t bring mine. Boy was I embarrassed! Here’s a shot at fame: leave a comment about your experience…

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